Water Test Kit

Water Test Kit

Smart Water Club

Safe Home DIY Well Water Test Kit 

We can't offer the best solutions until we know what is in your water! Upon your purchase, this kit will be mailed to you. It will contain a couple of sample vials for you to collect your water and send it to the certified lab that we work with.

The kit will screen your drinking water for 18 contaminants that may be present in an un-treated well water supply:

  • BACTERIA: Total Coliform (includes E. coli)
  • METALS: Copper, Hexavalent Chrome, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Zinc
  • IN-ORGANICS: Chloride, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Sulfate
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Alkalinity, Hardness, pH
  • ORGANICS: Pesticides

After the analysis, we will provide you with the best recommendation of treatment products to address the water quality.