What Is Smart Water Club? Water Tech Solutions With Gordon Nameni

Smart Water Club

Posted on October 06 2020

Do you know whether or not the water coming out of your faucet is full of chemicals? Smart Water Club Founder Gordon Nameni discusses how water is different depending on where you live and explains how they bring customized, affordable solutions for clean water on Local First Podcast.

Key takeaways

  • Be true to your heart
  • It’s my passion, it’s all about helping people having access to clean water
  • Some people don’t take showers

More about Gordon Nameni

Gordon is one of the founders of the Smart Water Club, a data-driven platform that provides custom water tech solutions based on the specific water type of consumers.

Gordon Nameni is the Managing Director of August Brown, a Midwest-based strategy and technology management consulting firm. August Brown works with Fortune 200 and companies down to small engineering firms on the commercialization of emerging technologies, business models, and strategy development for market placement of advanced materials-based technologies in the energy, power, sensor, and environmental market.

Gordon’s professional experience spans semiconductor engineering, product development, and R&D in industrial goods, water treatment, and chemical-induced sensors. He has worked as a process engineer in a semiconductor bunny suit within a wafer fab and has also led board meetings in the C-suite.

As the COO of Platypus Technologies, Gordon developed the strategic growth plan which enabled the company to expand its product portfolio by 45%,  increase sales for its flagship liquid crystal sensor products by 2.8x and maintain a positive EBITDA Y/Y during his tenure.

He earned a patent when he developed the concept that produced a new technology and product platform from 100% post-industrial recycled waste material for PPG Industries, Inc

Gordon earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brown University in Materials Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, respectively. After earning his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, he completed a Fulbright Fellowship and an NSF Post-Doctoral Fellowship with AO Smith Corp. in 2011. For leisure, Gordon enjoys recreational activities with his family including ultimate frisbee, golf, and slam poetry.

To learn more about the Smart Water Club's mission and Gordon Nameni, visit smartwater.club today!



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