How Long Will Your Whole House Water Filter Last?

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Posted on October 20 2020

You may own a new car for a decade or more. A lawnmower may last several years. A new laptop or PC might only last a few years before you want to upgrade. What about your water filtration system? How long will your whole house water filter last before you should get it changed?

As with other items such as vehicles and mobile devices, a water filtration system lifespan varies. Its longevity is determined by a few key factors. Here’s the scoop.


A water filtration system lifespan is largely determined by the capacity of the system. If the filter has a capacity of FB300, for example, it should be changed every three years or after 300,000 gallons of use. For systems with a capacity rating of FB1000, however, you can enjoy a longer lifespan before the unit must be replaced. These typically don’t need to be changed until they have reached 1,000,000 gallons or after 10 years of use.


As noted above, the use of the water filtration system also affects how long it lasts. If you’ve had your smaller system for three years, but your household uses very little water, it may last a bit longer. Similarly, if you have a larger unit, but you use more than 100,000 gallons of water each year for a large household, you may need to replace the unit before it reaches its tenth birthday.


Some water filtration systems are salt-free. For these water softeners, the typical lifespan is six years. However, this will again be affected by the amount of water you use and the size of the system.


Of course, the water filtration system lifespan is also greatly affected by its care. Proper maintenance of the system will help extend the lifespan, and poor care will shorten it. To ensure you get the most out of your system, partner with a water filtration professional for the best care of your unit. Proper installation is key, as well as ongoing maintenance to prevent damage and encourage good water flow.


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