Customized WaterTech Solutions Without Leaving Your Home

Want to know what is in your water & receive recommended solutions- all online? EASY

Different water sources have different contamination. What works in one place may not work in another. We let data guide our selection of the most optimal water heating and treatment technologies for your specific water type.

Take the quiz and we will give you the recommendations of the best products to meet your water quality and hot water needs. 

Discounted Shipping

All orders above $100 receive a discount on shipping.

110% Money Back Guarantee

110% of your money back on all SWC products that do not meet your specific water need in 30-days.

Mission Focused

Every year, we donate a portion of our revenues to nonprofits at the frontline of water quality and access.


So what are you waiting for?

Here are the answers to some common questions.

Can I purchase SWC products without being a member of the Smart Water Club?
  • Of course, you can, but why not save 10% as a member?
    Can I join the SWC private Facebook Group without being a Smart Water Club member?
          • We limit access to the private Facebook Group to only Smart Water Club members— so come join the conversation.
          Can you really tell me when to change my filter even if I don’t have an SWC product?
            • Yes we can. This isn’t a presidential slogan 😊. It doesn’t matter if it is an SWC product or not, if you have a water treatment device, register it with us and we will send you text messages and alerts when it is time to replace a filter or perform maintenance.
            Do I have to install the devices myself after they are delivered?
              • With every SWC product above, $100 is automatically included the cost of installation. All you need to do is schedule the date of installation. Easy right???
              I just want a water filter. Do I need to complete the entire Quiz?
                • Our quiz gives us a holistic view of your water usage and water quality need. The information feeds into our algorithm and enables us to provide you with the best value-based recommendation for the product(s) that can address your water needs.
                Can I cancel my Smart Water Club membership?
                • Yes- you can cancel your Smart Water Club membership anytime with just a couple of clicks.